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I am open to all  idea's let's chat






   I decided that i could not go through with this auction but would like to thank everyone involved.

The reason behind my decision was, I finally realised my own personal beauty was less important than the beauty of helping others. My goal turned into a drive to promote diversity and help stop bullying worldwide. 

So onwards I go. Please stand by me and help awareness, For everyone in this world has beauty within.

Beaten physically and mentally but one thing is for sure. I have never been BEAT. My fight for me and for others will go on till the last breath leaves my lips. 

The interest is still coming in. So please get in touch 

My dream just may be your dream


Dont hate me for the extremes i am willing to go to , to achieve my normal self.



Even if you dont want this special night with me and just want to help me acheive my dreams i would accept any donations and they would be gratfully recieved many thanks if this is you xx


Among the nominees for Sunday Sport personality of the year 2011


God created woman, then he created man. Then after millions off years, He created me and what a creation that was :)          



can i please clarify that, I am not an escort, nor do I swap sexy pics. I am getting a lot off calls, emails and texts on these subjects

Thank You                                        



Welcome to my website, for yours truly!


Hi, to anybody viewing this page! My name is Melissa Ede, I am a post-op transsexual woman and I have featured in Chat Magazine, Closer Magazine, Sunday Sport, The Sun newspaper,Pick me up magazine, along with numerous newspapers and magazines across Europe. I have also had an appearance on This Morning with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, talking about my life and struggle to get to where I am today. The purpose of this site, is to auction my virginity.   My virginity is very precious to me, but  also is my drive to become the person i should have been born to be, so maybe this could help me realise my dreams and goals The winner will get to spend a night with me! What happens after that, who knows? Feel free to chat to me, I don't bite!  Updates and links, will feature on this website so watch this space!! xxx

There is so much news being printed around Europe about me, right now.

Some news is good and some other new is bad. I thought, I would like to add my thoughts about that!!!!!!!!!!!

Since when, is trying to achieve your dreams so wrong?

I will never give up on my life long dream acceptance for all

copyright 2011 melissa ede


all pictures and writing  are copyrighted to use pictures contact Melissa Ede
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my thoughts


A shallow world based on what you can see You read my story but you don't know me If what's inside would outside show Would it make me someone you want to know? I Paint a smile and fight back tears Tortured by bullying for 50 years I fight and argue for what is right But still it's so...
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